That half won’t run itself!

Guys! I ran 10 miles this morning!

It was cold. It was hard.

I’ve run faster. I’ve run slower.

Training has been harder this year than the last several. After I completed my first marathon, the Space Coast Marathon in Cocoa, Florida, last year I was a little burnt out. Ok, I was a LOT burnt out. I trained for a solid 6 months, 2-4 days a week for that race.

I just couldn’t get my head in the game this year. Thursday morning, two days ago,  was my first real good training run. I’ve had OK ones, but Thursday was good. This morning was good. I didn’t have to walk. I just kept trucking along.

It’s not all sunshine and flowers, though. Well, OK – it’s Florida, so really it is all sunshine and flowers! Seriously though, I’m sore and my muscles ache. But as I like to tell myself, that half-marathon won’t run itself.

Oh, and the running community! You’re all out there at 6:30 in the morning, freezing and miserable, but they ALWAYS say hi. Or wave. Or both.

My advice to you: Get out there. It won’t always be easy. You’ll want to sleep in (hey – I hit snooze four times today). You’d rather drink that beer or glass of wine than set your alarm for 5:30a on Friday night.

You can find me next Sunday morning running my next half-marathon in Cocoa, Florida – my hometown. I’ll be running through the streets that I grew up with. I’ll be running along the Indian River Lagoon, with one of the best sunrises. I may not run my fastest half, but I will finish.



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